Who We Are?

Our Promise

Our products are not just cleaning products – they have a purpose.
While on a path to zero waste and a healthier lifestyle, we discovered these natural cleaning products and wanted to offer it to everyone. Currently, there’s none or limited access to chemical free, toxin free cleaners. Common commercial cleaners are loaded with toxic and polluting substances. Every day, we’re surrounded by potentially hazardous chemicals we can’t see. They’re in the clothes we wear, the cleaners we use, the couch we sit on. Do we really think about all the synthetic chemicals we use? Where does it all go? Are we absorbing some? Are we designed to absorb them? We don’t think so!
Cleaning shouldn’t come at the cost of your health, or that of the planet, or that of the workers who are making your cleaning products. Or at the cost of water that our farms get.
So, we are challenging the existing cleaners and offering you products that are good for you, your institution, our world and Earth. And while doing this, we are also helping our farmers, self-help groups and micro-enterprises, and our Earth by offering sustainable packaging, shipping & creating zero-waste, natural products that work!

Berry Clean is inspired by nature & created with utmost love & care to promote a sustainable lifestyle, a #RightClean Movement. By providing a range of natural cleaning products that are #Right for Health, #Right for Society & #Right for Earth

Our Society

We care about you & the people who help us make these fantastic products. Our society consists of our team, a community of caring advisors, and our partners.

Our Partners:
We strive to be #Right for Society, by promoting micro-entrepreneurs and cottage industries. We have an equitable value chain inbuilt within our Eco-Business model. We believe that society and people need to be empowered. And one of the ways we stay true to this is, by partnering with self-help groups, economically disadvantaged women, youth groups & NGOs. We train interested partners on the processes of making our ingredients, set up stringent quality parameters to ensure #RightQuality and then buy from them, to enable profitability & livelihoods for these groups. Currently, we have partnered with a few stay-at-home, economically disadvantaged women and men, Society complex (RWA’s) and an NGO working with youth.
One of the NGOs that we are working with is Siddharth Memorial Charitable Trust (Ek Prayas). You can read more about them here:
WEBSITE:- http://siddharthmemorial.com
FACEBOOK:- https://m.facebook.com/PrayasSMCT

And see a small video about our partnership here:-

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of people who have expertise from strategy to operations; from understanding consumer across the spectrum to
setting up sales & distribution; from branding to retail; from environmental conscious to money maker; from a farmer to a manufacturer.

Gaurav Mahendru

Gaurav comes with a 22+ years of experience inmanaging Business Planning & Development Functions (MT & GT) entailing Sales & Distribution, Channel Management, Process and Systems, Learning& Development, Growth Initiatives, Marketing, and Loyalty programs. || Ex- P&G, Gillette & Biotique.  His passion is in building institutions and creating micro-entrepreneurs. Truly a man of road, his forte is the on-ground, the tangible, retail and sales. He’s the Karta-dharta of Berry Clean. 

Abhishek Taneja

Abhishek is an alumus of PwC, ECS & Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. He has 17+ yrs of work experience across consulting firms, manufacturing units & social enterprises. His passion lies in making the big picture visible, connecting dots, resource efficiency, strategy planning and operations management. He understands & is able to implement a lean model and processes that can be scaled. He is the ‘excel’ of Berry Clean.

Shruti Taneja

Shruti is an alumni of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management & Teach for India. She has 15 yrs of work ex across sectors and roles; from corporates like Titan, Bharti AXA in marketing, sales, retail to social enterprises like Teach for India, in consulting, project management & change management. Her mission to create scalable and sustainable models that balance people, planet & profit, through principles of egalitarianism & collective action. Her ability is to be able to connect with the consumer, and sense what the market needs. She is the ‘voice’ of Berry Clean.

Our Heroes

Our Ingredients are our heroes!
We promise you nothing but all natural ingredients with zero preservatives, zero synthetic chemicals and zero toxins. And they work. The mix of these super-hero ingredients – practically a gift from nature, work like a miracle!
In our effort to go zero-waste, we learned from the evolutionary science of nature, that has given us the gift of Soap Berry aka Reetha/Aritha. Teemed it up with the science of today – Citrus Bio-Enzyme. And added a few other powerhouses of nature – lemon, lemongrass, neem etc. to bring you a range of soft, mild yet effective cleaners

Know more about our super-hero ingredients here:

Benefits of Reetha:

Benefits of Bio-Enzyme:

Medicinal properties of soapnuts:

Benefits & Uses:

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