Cleaning, the Right Way!

Our products are not just cleaning products – they have a purpose.
While on a path to zero waste and a healthier lifestyle, we discovered these natural cleaning detergents and wanted to offer it to everyone.

Currently, there’s none or limited access to chemical free, toxin free ceaners. Every day, we’re surrounded by potentially hazardous chemicals we can’t see.
They’re in the clothes we wear, the cleaners we use, the couch we sit on. Do we really think about all the synthetic chemicals we use? Where does it all go? Are we absorbing some? Are we designed to absorb them? We don’t think so!
Cleaning shouldn’t come at the cost of your health, or that of the planet, or that of the workers who are making your cleaning products. Or at the cost of water that our farms get.
So, we are challenging the existing cleaners and offering you products that are good for you, your home, our world and Earth.
And while doing this, we are also helping our farmers, self-help groups and micro-enterprises, and our Earth by offering sustainable packaging, shipping & creating zero-waste, natural prodcts that work!
Berry Clean is created with passion and the desire of being completely sustainable. Our philosophy is to create profit by being inclusive, by nurturing and taking care of the Earth and the people.

By right, we mean

At the heart of our being is Sustainablilty; of people & planet. Not just from an environmental perspective, but an economic & well-being perspective too. We source directly from the farmer, get our ingredients made from self-help groups & youth to promote employment. We are conscious about our packaging & delivery models. And we strive hard to ensure that we deliver natural & healthy products to you.

Right for Health

Synthetic cleaners emit harmful toxins & VOCs like toluene, benzine, proven to cause diseases like hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders & cancer. Not only for the end consumer; you, but also for people involved in production of these. Even after consumption, these synthetic chemicals continue to harm by mixing with grey water. And often end up in the food we eat.

Natural cleaners don’t emit any harmful toxins, during production, consumption or post consumption. Where the synthetic chemicals aren’t good for your skin or health. The natural cleaners love your skin and provide anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-allergenic properties. Even after being mixed with grey water, they continue to work their magic by de-clogging, killing bad bacteria, treating ground-water, and providing nutrients for soil.

Right for Earth

Synthetic cleaners harm the planet during production, usage & after. One household on an average uses atleast 6 different kind of cleaners, which contain synthethic chemicals. When all of this goes into the drain, more chemicals have to be added to flush these out, add to that the efficacy of our ETP plants = Massive reduction in potable water or poisonous grey water that’s being fed to our farmlands. Berry Clean is friendly to the planet during production, usage & post. They actually help the farmlands/ planet. Our products are sustainable and recyclable. When we create our products we have a “zero-waste” mentality. We make sure that our products are bio-degradable, water saving, supports SDGs and don’t contain harmful residues. Moreover, the used water will not go into the drainage system and spoil water. Actually the bio-enzyme in our products kills the gems and help cleaning the drainage pipes.

Right for Society

When we say #RightClean, we don’t only mean right clean for you and the environment. We mean #Right for our society as well. We try and source our ingredients directly from farmers, to help increase their revenue. Our other ingredient is fruit peels, that we source from small juice vendors. This helps us achieve two objectives – 

  • It reduces wet waste in our landfills, and 
  • It becomes an additional source of revenue for them, for what would otherwise have been a waste.

The manufacturing process of our products is broken into several steps, and is low capital intensive, but time intensive. Thus, we have outsourced parts of our manufacturing to self-help groups, women & youth from low income backgrounds, and/or societies that are treating their waste, to

  • Increase their revenue stream
  • Skill them with the technology & alternate means to create employement for themselves.
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