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Baby Safe

The skin and body system of babies are prone to allergies & reactions to harsh chemicals. Most of the personal care and household care products available in the market today contain and emit harmful toxins that can cause respiratory problems and allergies. The laundry cleaners often get stuck to clothes, and are being continously absorbed by the body. Our products only contain all natural and plant based ingredients. Which means, they cause no harm to anyone in the entire value chain. And are safe for babies, elderly, pets, or anyone with sensitive skin.


Every day, we’re surrounded by potentially hazardous chemicals we can’t see. They’re in the clothes we wear, the cleaners we use, the couch we sit on. Most of the personal care and household care products available in the market today contain and emit harmful chemicals & toxins that can cause respiratory problems and allergies. They harm everyone in the value chain, during production, during cleaning and even after. Multiple researches have stated that widespread exposure to such toxic environmental chemicals threatens healthy human reproduction and leads to multiple diseases. Our products only contain all natural and plant based ingredients that are healthy for health & environment. They don't pollute or release any toxins during production, or usage. The key ingredient is Soapberry or soapnut, and that has been used for generations because of its hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial properties. So, they are non-toxic and safe to use for everyone.

Zero waste

According to statistics India generates 62 milliones tonnes of waste each year. Lot of this waste ends++ on the landfill and wrecks our ecosystems. We are redefining cleaning as #RightClean by ensuring that the products meant to clean shouldn't end up creating more waste and filth. Our ingredients are all plant based. Infact one of our key-ingredients - Citrus BioEnzyme uses citrus peels, thereby, reducing wet-waste. Our technology combines age old wisdon with science. Which means minimum energy and resource consumption. And the only waste produced during our manufacturing is wet, compostable waste. We have even gone ahead and ensured that our packaging and shipping is minimal carbon intensive. Thereby, we are repurposing used bottles, and providing refill options to our customers.

Water Saving

India has been declared as a country that faces the risk of a potential water crisis. And we saw snippets of it last year, in Chennai and in a few other places. On an average, an Indian household uses 8-10 clenaing products everyday. All of these often have harsh chemicals and toxins that eventually run through our drainage systems and infiltrate the water we use. In order to clean this water, our ETP plants have to use lots of other chemicals to remove the existing chemicals. This ends up consuming a lot of resoruces and energy, and renders a lot of water useless. Worse than this is, given our limited resources, often times grey water is diverted to farms to be used in irrigation. While human waste is good for farms, but all these harsh chemicals are often absorbed by the plants, and in return, pollute the food we get & eat. Our cleaning products contain no harmful chemicals, use minimal energy and water during production. What's more, the water mixed with our products actually contains properties to clean the drainage system after your consumption. And the grey water can be reused, without any filteration or treatment, for many things within home, or outside - for watering plants, lawns, gardens or farms. The grey water when pumped in sewarage, helps in deblocking, and repelling pests and killing microbes and harmful bacteria. Furthermore, because of the nature of products, you can save water while usage as well. Like- the clothes don't need to be rinsed post washing. And the leftover water from floor mopping & cleaning fruits, can be used to water plants.


What we are offering is not just a product but a bundle of features that will help you #RightClean, and keep the environment healthy as well. Our value chain right from production to packaging to delivery to post consumption, is environmental friendly and we strive to reduce our footprint at every step and in every way possible, wihtout compromising on the product quality. Our products are made from 100% plant based ingredients, which means that they don't pollute during or after production and consumption. They are completely bio-degradable. We are using glass bottles, or repurposed plastic bottles or refills, to reduce the waste put in our landfills. We follow circular product and economy design principles to ensure a healthy & a sustainable product for you, our society & the environment

Supports society

When we say #RightClean, we don't only mean right clean for you and the environment. We mean #Right for our society as well. We try and source our ingredients directly from farmers, to help increase their revenue. Our other ingredient is fruit peels, that we source from small juice vendors. This helps us achieve 2 objectives - 1) It reduces wet waste in our landfills, and 2) It becomes an additional source of revenue for them, for what would otherwise have been a waste. The manufacturing process of our products is broken into several steps, and is low capital intensive, but time intensive. Thus, we have outsourced parts of our manufacturing to self-help groups, women & youth from low income backgrounds, and/or societies that are treating their waste, to 1) Increase their revenue stream 2) Skill them with the technology & alternate means to create employement for themselves.

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